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I'm melting ¬¬ (even at the 23hrs)

2009-12-16 21:25:24 by marioli94

As you should know(and if you don't know I'll tell you here) Chile is in the south hemisphere so in few days more we'll be in summer , well the thing that at the time we are in a constant heat wave ¬¬(thanks to global warming) , the temperatures are so high and my city doesn't have sea so I have to live in the pool if I don't want to melt xD , here are the 23hrs and I have to have my window open to refresh the air in my warming and exec heat sucks ¬¬


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2009-12-16 21:43:07

1. Global is a lie, in fact tempetures have DROPPED in recent years.

2. I hate the heat, which is why winter is my favorite time of the year

3. here's to not melting.